Cleaning up Paul’s act with Tide action | Episode #10

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Episode #10 Cleaning up Paul’s act with Tide action!

This month as been crazy! As you can tell by the release date of this playcast! We are here finally though talking about Youtube’s action on Tide Pod videos. Also Youtube’s latest huge disgraced star, Logan Paul. We’ll share our thoughts on Nintendo’s newest baby, Nintendo Labo! Then we kinda round around to… umm… what’s it called…. OH YEAH What we do when we hit mental roadblocks. Mystique went to PSX with S and B Plays and they discuss what they enjoyed from that. Along with a few more other topics that we randomly came up with on the spot!

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Player One: Pachukomendez
Player Two: Mystic Mystique
Player Three: DigiDirkah
Player Four: Bearzrnyce
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