Chat Moderator Guidelines


If you are reading this, congratulations we have entrusted you with moderating chat for streams. Here are some simple guidelines & rules to follow so you understand your duty.

This isn’t a paid job

You are not obligated to join every stream, your life is more important and I understand when you can’t be there.

Remember there is also me and I am the main moderator for the channel. So if you can’t be there it’s ok, there is technically always a mod in chat; You are here to help out so I can focus on the stream. So it’s appreciated.

The channel should be fun.

I love and appreciate your support and your enthusiasm for wanting to help me out. However, remember I want people to have fun and return to the channel so I don’t want to punish too harshly or too often. Most people will mess up and once someone has please state the rule they have broken in a polite manner or simply use the !rules command.


MastaPeep08: Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Moderator: @MastaPeep08 Please do not self promote during the stream.

I also suggest removing the comment so others in chat will notice it is against the rules and they will not want to follow in on breaking the rules.

It is important to note that even though you are here to help enforce the rules do not drag out the issue.

The commenter should receive a verbal warning and removal of comments. If they repeat a second warning should be issued to remind them to please refrain from breaking the rules. If they aren’t obeying still, a timeout is called for (two strikes and then you’re in timeout). Deal with the situation and let it go, we don’t want the focus of the stream all on the rules and bad behavior. DO NOT over police chat. Sometimes a quiet removal of comments and saying nothing can help dissolve the issue so try not to bring too much attention to it.

After all else fails and the commenter is still not respecting the rules, you have the go ahead to ban them from the channel.

When in doubt ask Me in a DM on discord, remember I am there to moderate too;  it is my duty as well to make everyone have a good and safe time.

Basic Rules

Respect the streamers and everyone in chat.
No posting links, unless given permission.
No self promotion or promoting others during stream.
Don’t ask to join the game UNLESS it is a community stream.
Don’t ask to be a moderator.
No spoilers, helpful tips are allowed.
No racial slurs or homophobic comments allowed.

We aren’t a PG/Family Friendly channel so foul language is allowed. However really explicit conversations and over the top sayings & harassment are not not allowed in the channel.

Moderators Have Rules Too

Please note that you yourself are not above any of the rules set in place. You must follow them as well as enforce them. However a more laxed version.

Please don’t delegate your mod responsibilities to others that are not mods. I choose my mods carefully and I know others are trying to be helpful and relieve the stress but some who may seem helpful may not enforce the rules properly or cause more of an issue.

Don’t get power hungry or over zealous. Don’t time out for no reason. Don’t over police or be overbearing if no rules are broken. Such things may result in losing your mod powers.

Thank you for reading and understanding the rules <3