Overwatchin’ the darkness of hopes and dreams | Playcast #05

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Episode 05 : Overwatchin’ the darkness of hopes and dreams

As we are a podcast/playcast that has no defined topic it’s easy to see each month that we’re all over.

Discussing topic from gaming, to movies, to life’s hiccups and issues. Ummm yeah this month was

especially random 🙂 We did manage to speak on the following topics however of : Overwatch, The Darkness (Movie),

Youtube Heros, and a user submitted question (by reject via discord) regarding if we achieved our hopes and dreams.

Don’t forget if you’d like to submit questions or maybe a topic jump over to our Discord Server

Player One: Pachukomendez
Player Two: Mystic Mystique
Player Three: Flameknight7
Player Three: DigiDirkah